Tuesday, November 8, 2011

R.I.P Heavy D AKA Dwight Arrington Myers

My heart is so heavy right now! I was a die hard Heavy D fan back in the days and still a fan of him now as I recall watching him a few weeks ago on the BET Hip Hop Awards and jumping up and down in my house screaming, rapping and dancing. After that I thought "Oh my God, why didn't I think of this before". I immediately searched for him not as heavy D but his real name Dwight Myers and saw we had quite a few common friends. I mean he is from the very town that I live next to......"Money Earning - Mt. Vernon" I thought Heavy D would make a perfect spokesperson for Not Your Average Talents and my goal was to friend him and just ask him personally. He did accept my friendship the next day and I remember being so excited that he did but I wanted him to check me and my company out first before I dove right in so I waited........I guess I will never know now......SMH I remember years ago meeting him in a club and me being the bold gal I was in the early 90s asked him to dance and we did. He was so sweet and as we all know could dance his a$$ off! Great and fond memories of the "overweight lover". May He Rest In Paradise! We all loved him but God loved him best. I know him and T-Roy are making the saints dance up in Heaven! Condolences to the Myers family and May God Hold You  and Keep you in this time of sorrow. Celebrate his life and how much he inspired, motivated and loved people and how much people loved him.

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