Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Blog, New Business, New Ideas, New Love, New Life!

I decided to start a blog today, something I have tried to do before but never completed. I decided to use this blog as somewhat of a journal for me to write what's on MY mind, how I am feeling at the moment that I decide to write and to share MY LIFE experiences with others. A lot of things I SHARE here some people may feel or may not feel is appropriate but it's as simple as you can read it or you don't have to read it but it's NOT about you. THIS BLOG is all about ME! MY LIFE as a Plus Size Entertainer and Entrepreneur. It's about how I am feeling on whatever particular day it is. It's about MY ups and downs, MY highs and lows. MY GOD that I am slowly learning to get closer to and learning how to submit to HIS will. MY new business, MY sometimes crazy wacky ideas, MY new loves, MY LIFE as a newly single mom due to separation and divorce. I promise you that if you don't know ME, you will want to get to know ME and if you DO know Aminah Saburah Kareem Cole you already LOVE ME! :-) I love to INSPIRE, to MOTIVATE and HELP people in any way I can because that's who I am, so don't ever hesitate to reach out to ME and ask. As you can see by the bold words I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that I created this blog for me but I put it on a public platform for those of you who can relate. Again, you don't have to follow but if you do, I would love your input, suggestions and comments at any time. All I ask, is that you keep it positive as that's what I surround myself with. Here I am world.......THE LIFE OF A PLUS SIZE ENTERTAINER AND ENTREPRENEUR!